Edukativne radionice za djecu

Edukativne radionice za djecu

Educational picture book The story of Vedran serves as a tool in the performance of educational workshops for children of 3rd and 4th grade of primary schools. Together with the writer Željka Horvat Vukelja and people with intellectual disabilities, as well as with assistants and volunteers of the Arka community, we are holding an educational, interactive and dynamic workshop. We want to enable children to meet adults with intellectual disabilities - with ‘Vedran' and his friends.

"Vedran is a 25-year-old young man

who likes to hang out with his peers

- three-year-old children. You wonder what

I am saying: A twenty-five-year-old young man

whose peers are three-year-olds?!…

The story that follows is completely true… ’’

After the workshop, a girl in the class exclaimed in front of everyone that the front page of a daily newspaper should read:

,,This is so beautiful

If you are interested in holding a workshop "The Story of Vedran" in your school, molimo vas javite nam se na broj telefona +385915771848 (Slavenka Milinović) ili na mail adresu te osigurajte edukativnu radionicu za vaše učenike na temu tolerancije i prihvaćanja različitosti za izgradnju svijeta u koji svatko pripada.