Social entrepreneurship

Social entrepreneurship


Our yard sales have become a valuable way of supporting many of our fellow citizens in maintaining their home budget, and have also proved to be a teaching tool in regards to mutual giving and receiving. At the yard sale, you can find used, well preserved clothes for children and grown-ups, as well as various small gifts, jewelry, toys, and other necessities. There is no price, which means that everyone can donate as much as they are able to. The yard sale has been one of our self-financing activities since 2007. The yard sale is traditionally held three times a year. Many volunteers and our fellow citizens are involved in organizing the yard sale. By connecting those who are different, the yard sale has become a place of gathering and solidarity, where each person has something to offer, regardless of their abilities.

Encouraged by many fellow citizens, as well as by the desire of our members with intellectual disabilities to find dignified work through which they would be able to help others, we are looking for ways to implement this initiative on a daily basis. In this way, the yard sale has become a social entrepreneurship initiative.

Have you got any ideas? Let us know!


‘’Vedran is a developed young man only in body; he weighs around seventy kilograms, and he is 170 centimeters tall. However, his knowledge and understanding reach the level of a three-year old child. He will never be capable of more than that.’'

The author of the picture book text: Cila Baričević

Illustrator: Slavenka Milinović

The story of Vedran is an educational picture book for children and adults alike, and it tells of a young man with intellectual disabilities. It was create so we could enable children and their families to learn about people with intellectual disabilities as friends whom they can learn a lot from. The picture book was created by our members and is the result of cooperation with various experts.

It was printed in March 2016.

You can buy the picture book at our address at: Kanarinska 4, 10000 Zagreb,


by paying the price of the picture book to the account, IBAN6823400091110544439

stating that “for the picture book – 1 (the number of copies you want)” and we’ll send it to you at the address from the bank slip, together with the receipt. (Required payment information: Udruga Korablja, Kanarinska 4, 10000 Zagreb, OIB: 70861330288)

The price of the picture book is 35.00 HRK

(VAT not included based on the VAT Law NN73/13, Article 90)

The picture book is only available in retail.