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Thank you for wanting to support our community! ❤ Your every gift, even the smallest one, is a source of opportunity for people with intellectual disabilities.

You can donate in two ways:


via your mobile or e-banking or in all branches of banks, FINA, and Croatian Post.

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Recipient: Korablja Association, Kanarinska ulica 4, Zagreb,

OIB: 70861330288,

Payment description: To our friends in L'Arche

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A will has the ability to change lives in the future, for years to come.

Therefore, we would like to encourage you to consider making a testamentary donation to a noble cause close to your heart, as more and more people in our society are doing today.

The L'Arche community in Croatia has been responding to the needs of people with intellectual disabilities for 15 years. Loneliness, rejection and deprivation of opportunities is something that people with intellectual disabilities often experience. Our mission is to build around them a stable community where they can grow and develop their talents, and ultimately contribute to the society in which they live. In Arca, we have witnessed that the unsurpassed friendship, tenderness and warmth of people with intellectual disabilities have the ability to help us be better. These are changes that spread over to the whole society.

Supporting people with intellectual disabilities means supporting the most vulnerable in our society, providing them with a future with less uncertainty and more joy.

Our services are free of charge for people with intellectual disabilities and their parents, and we need substantial funding to keep our great ark afloat. In addition to daily operating expenses, we wish to build a large day care center as well as a house where people with intellectual disabilities could find their home, with the support of Arka's expert assistants and volunteers. Therefore, we are looking for land or a building that would allow us to achieve this goal.

By making a testamentary donation to L'Arche Croatia, you will provide the most vulnerable people in our society with a stable place of support, a community that cares for their well-being and does everything to make society realize the unique value of each person.

We are aware that this is an important decision, that your children are your first priority and that your life circumstances may change over time. However, if you are able, we invite you with an open heart to do a great work with fruits that will multiply for a long time to come.

Your every gift, even the smallest, is a source of opportunity for people with intellectual disabilities.

Ako razmišljate o tome, ili imate pitanja na koja nismo odgovorili u gornjem tekstu, kontaktirajte voditelja Arke, Mirona Perića e-mailom na E-mail: or +385 99 6787 895.

Hvala vam!

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